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Align your actions with your values. Get tips for Plastic Waste Reduction (PWR) and sustainable living.

Your donation provides free PWR Packs for students!

Kids care about the planet—it's their future! The problem is that children don't have much power over their world and the policies that affect it.

PWR (Plastic Waste Reduction) Packs are a representation for the power and impact youth can have. Not everyone can afford a $15 case with reusable utensils, so we're creating one that we can give away for free—with your help.

This is a community project starting in Nevada City and Grass Valley, California. We are seeking donations of:

  • Dollars
  • Cotton duck fabric in a  minimum 22-inches width by any length
  • Stainless steel forks and spoons (we'll sanitize them) 
  • Time
    • Volunteering at our sewing parties to make these simple pouches (there will be projects for non-sewers too!) or on your own. 
    • Helping with marketing and social media.
    • Working on initiatives like getting restaurants to provide plastic-free to-go containers.

We have been invited into classrooms to talk with students about the problem of plastic in our environment and what they can do about it. Our goal is to offer a free PWR Pack to every student.

That's where YOU come in! With enough donations, we can even add stainless steel straws to the PWR Packs.

Once we've got a proven model, we'll create a blueprint for other communities to do this too.

YES! Save the planet AND build community—it's a win win!

PWR Coalition is a mindset movement. The fork is an anchor point to start noticing all the plastic in the world and feel empowered to make better choices. 

Using a free PWR Pack is a meaningful step that youth can take without having to wait for adults to make laws and policies that will protect the planet their generation will inherit. 

By shifting our mindset from mindless consumption to sustainability, we can heal our Earth one fork at a time.

How this PWR Project inspires a sustainability mindset:
  • We go into classrooms to educate youth about single-use plastic.
  • They're motivated and ready to take action.
  • We give them a free PWR Pack pouch (made by volunteers with donated fabric) containing a repurposed stainless steel fork and spoon.
  • They start seeing all the plastic everywhere else and educate their families about how to make better choices.
  • Plastic use is reduced and sustainable solutions are created.
  • The Earth is valued and restored, and we vow to continue to improve our lifestyle choices.


For years, we have been practicing sustainable living and reducing plastic use in our own lives. Now, we want to inspire and embolden you to do the same.

Allison Rivers Samson

Sustainability Expert and Consultant
Co-Founder of PWR Coalition

Susan Nance

Anti-Plastic Queen
Co-Founder of PWR Coalition

Youth emPWRment

Educating youth and empowering them with tools and knowledge to take action will change our world. With your donated funds, we can purchase supplies for giving away free PWR Packs to students!


PWR Coalition

Educating and empowering communities to reduce plastic waste and choose more sustainable options in every day life. Align your actions with your values with tips for Plastic Waste Reduction (PWR).


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Align your actions and your values with tips for Plastic Waste Reduction (PWR) and sustainable living.

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